Here at The Newport Group Chartered Professional Accountants, our mission is to turn your business vision into a reality. We work specifically with those business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to build their business into a valuable asset to support their personal financial goals. Your first consultation with our team always begins with a simple question, “What is your Ultimate Goal for this business?” From that moment on, we are a team, developing the strategy that will take you there and supporting you every step of the way. While most business owners struggle to find the time to step outside of their daily work within the business to look at the big picture, clients of The Newport Group have this process automated for them with progress monitored in monthly or quarterly meetings. We are the big picture people.

Our talented team of accountants and network of related business professionals are well versed in every aspect of business, taxation and personal financial planning and are eager to help you with any and every issue that crops ups along the journey to that vision of your future. If you’re ready to begin turning your business vision into a reality, please give us a call or use the contact form on this site to schedule your free consultation.

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